Terms and Conditions

The Seller 3DClone – Is the said Manufacturer of Customized figurines and sells the product on the website www.3DClone.com
The terms of use for the noted herein relate to usage of the above mentioned website www.3DClone.com
All parties using this website agree that their transaction and relationship with regard to any purchase made will be governed exclusively by this contract which takes precedence over any other conditions previously posted or made available.
The Terms of Use have been update on February 23  2012.
1.1 – User is defined as any person who visits, ‘surfs’ becomes aware of and/or purchases any product offered on this site. 
1.2 – Product is defined as any item offered for sale on this site.
1.3 – Site is defined as the online presence/location/infrastructure created by the seller and made available to the public for entering information, selecting product, engaging in a transaction, and simply interacting with information presented by the seller by way of videos, text, pictures, animations, databases, and interactive panels.
The website 3DClone.com offers the opportunity to purchase customized figurines/dolls. 
The User is provided the opportunity to make a transaction and purchase from 3DClone a customized figurine through this website.
The customer order is recorded once the user has entered their information and completed the ordering process in its entirety.   
Any order placed is understood as an acceptance by the user of the prices, process, terms & conditions
The Seller commits that orders placed will be fulfilled and delivered
2.1 Customization 
3DClone offers 2 levels of customization.  A customer may elect to purchase a pre-made body and customize just the head to fit that body.  Alternatively a customer may decide to purchase a ‘Full custom clone’ in which case the body and head are made according to the details provided by the customer.  Full custom body is a more elaborate project and therefore takes several weeks longer to produce (depending on the detail required and the time of year the order is placed).
Sculpting and painting of your custom order is based on the details and the photo provided at the time of order.  Once an order is placed you cannot change the photo.  Sculptors spend many hours hand molding your order based on the photo provided.  Changing your photo constitutes a new additional order which would need to be placed on our system and paid for.
2.2 Options 
3DClone offers various options for your order.  Here is an itemized breakdown of what is available to you.
1.     Sculpting & Painting of Face and Hair: ( included in purchase price)
Body selected from our catalog (included in purchase price)
Base for the body to stand (included in purchase price)
2.     Extras :
-Base color (If you wish to change the colour and customize) this is an extra charge
-Interactive Proofing:
We provide the opportunity for you to offer your feedback once during each of the 2 steps: sculpture & painting (free of charge)
If you wish to have the opportunity to provided unlimited feedback during the production process there is an extra charge
-Bobbling heads versus Fixed Heads (All 3DClone are default to be bobbling heads unless the additional chargeto make it fixed head)
-Inscription on Base allows you to personalize a message that is labeled onto the base.  This is charged extra.
-Change the colour of your doll.  If you like the body style we have but want the shirt or pants colour changed for example, you can select this option for an additional cost.
-Please note that our bobbles average 7 inches in height but can range between 5-8 inches depending on the model selected, the pose of the model, and the hair style sculpted.
-Decal/Logo is also available for added branding.  Logos are labeled onto your doll OR base per your instructions.
All users must complete the order process which includes entering of information to identify the customer and the details of their order placed.  An order is deemed as having been accepted by 3DClone once the transaction has been completed and payment has been received by 3DClone from the customer.
In the case where there is a dispute on whether an order was placed or not, a copy of the receipt as provided by 3DClone + credit card details of the payment will be required to confirm payment was indeed made.  If payment is not located and there is no proof provided that the card was ever charged, the customer has the opportunity to re-enter their order.
If however your card was used fraudulently to place an order you may contact the seller to discuss further.
When placing an order on 3DClone.com your intent to complete the entire order transaction acts as your endorsement to use your card and make a purchase on our website.  Additionally, clicking on ‘agree’ for ‘terms and conditions’ means you have read and understood all conditions.
The seller database which is deemed to be in safe condition will be the point of evidence for transactions and discourse occurring between the parties.  It is understood that except for obvious errors on the part of the seller, the information recorded by the database of the seller takes precedence in any communication, discussion or disagreement.
Customer orders will be delivered to the shipping address entered at the time the order was placed to countries that are offered on our website.  If a country is not mentioned on our website the customer may contact the seller to determine if an exception can be made to ship to that country.
3DClone is not liable for shipping errors made due to incorrect information entered on our website at the time the order was placed.  Any incremental costs in shipping due to such error will be charged to the customer.
Orders are shipped and released from our factory in mint condition.  Should there by any damage upon receipt, it is the responsibility of the customer to settle the dispute with their local carrier. If the customer wishes a replacement of their order due to shipment damage, a photo of the damaged product + packaging must be provided to the seller within 72 hours (3 days) from the time the package was delivered.  Any issues must be reported in writing at the time of receipt of the order.
If the order is undeliverable, it will be kept on hand for 7 days at the carriers warehouse.  It is the responsibility of the customer to track their package and reschedule delivery or arrange the pick up from their local depot.  After this time the order will be destroyed.  3DClone does not agree to costs associated with returned shipments to our factory.  For this reason your non-deliverable order will be destroyed with no recourse to rectify and will not be refunded.
All delivery times indicated on our website are based on AVERAGES.  This means we will make our best effort to complete your order within the communicated time.  HOWEVER as our product is not ‘off the shelf’ and requires elaborate customization, 3DClone is NOT responsible for delayed shipment.  Often delivery timing is influenced by the rate at which the customer approves their proofs.  Please note that every amendment request will delay the expected delivery date by at least 1 additional week.
4.1 Refunds & Replacements
3DClone are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Once a purchase is made our artists begin working on your order almost immediately.  Canceling your order disrupts our work flow and increases our costs.  We ask you to only make a purchase if you want to.  There are no partial refunds offered once your purchase has been made.
Replacements are only offered subject to damaged product receive due to shipping.  Please refer to Section 4 outlining the parameters required for reporting damages in time, in order to qualify for replacements. 
All prices on our website are prior to shipping.  Shipping costs are contingent on the options you choose on our website.
The User may pay for their order on our website using Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal.  All payments are securely made through the paypal gateway or Moneris.  You do NOT need a paypal account to pay through the paypal gateway and you can use any of the aforementioned credit cards to complete the transaction.
Upon completion of your order, an invoice will be emailed by our system to you confirming the details of your order.
They buyer is responsible for paying the applicable taxes and duties upon delivery based on the import and tax laws of their country.
3DClone guarantees that attention and care have been exercised to ensure the product shipped is in accordance with the product we showcase on our website to the consumer. 
3DClone does not grant any additional warranty.  The customer is responsible for the options they choose and the quality of the photographs sent.  3DClone are subjective in nature, completely customized, and created by hand.  For this reason any refund or redo request submitted due to non-resemblance will be rejected. 
In all cases 3DClone is no liable for any risk or damage incurred by using this site.  3DClone.com is available for use on an ‘as is’ basis.  Should you feel in anyway uncomfortable using this website your best remedy is to stop using our website.  Similarly, 3DClone will not be liable for any damage caused directly or indirectly through this site and in any situation where a claim arises,  3DClone shall be held harmless for any damages.
3DClone shall not be held liable for the lack of observance of regulatory provisions in countries that our product is delivered in.
The Seller confirms every measure is taken to maintain confidential of customer information.
Any personally data collected on the seller’s site will not be made available or sold to third parties.  Such information is used to keep our customers informed of product offerings based on their interest of our product. 
This website is copyright.  The words, photos, videos and any material found on this website belongs solely to the seller.  It is the responsibility of the customer to confirm they have the legal rights for any photos provided to the seller for sculpting.  The seller is not interested to receive any information deemed private, copyrighted, or confidential and any liability resulting in submission of privileged information is the sole responsibility of the customer.
11.1 – Entirety
Both parties understand that this agreement is in its entirety and should any part be deemed non-enforceable it shall not affect the rest of the contract
We do not allow vouchers sold through third parties to be combined in order to save on shipping. 
3DClone provides secure packaging when shipping your order
Depending on how customs classifies the import of your order you may incur a nominal duty fee which is the responsibility of the customer.
Shipping fees are always extra.  They are not included in voucher offers.  Shipping fees include the carrier cost as well as the materials used to package your order
If a coupon is expired you can still use it on our website however its worth will be reduced to the amount you originally paid for the voucher
Coupons are imported into our system after the third party who sold them to you sends them to us.  This is generally within 48 hours after the END of a campaign.
Standard proofing is 1 proof for each of the 2 stages (clay mold and painted head).  Unlimited proofing costs extra.   Changes requested will add an additional 1 week to the production time for each change request made
We do not allow the change of photos once your order has been submitted.  The artist will use the primary photo to base their sculpting on.
We employ a 48 hour rule.  This means a customer must comment on the proof within 48 hours.  After this time the order is moved on to the next stage.  Please note we CANNOT wait for your response after 48 hours. If we do, the clay dries up resulting in inferior quality.  By ordering on our site you accept that if we do not hear back within 48 hours from you, your order will be taken to the next stage at which point any request for amendments or changes will be refused.
Due to the custom nature of your order 3DClone has a NO REFUND policy.  Additionally due to streamlining of orders, artists begin working on your doll almost immediately.  For this reason we do not allow the canceling of orders once they have been placed on our site.  Simply stated, once you place an order on 3DClone, you are agreeing to incur the cost to which there is no refund.
We only refer to comments made on our system.  We do not take into account any comments emailed.
Delivery timing is approximate.  Actual production time depends on the comments made by the customer, the season the order is placed, and the delivery option chosen.  As our products are not sold ‘off the shelf’ and are completely hand made and customized, we are not responsible for any delays in delivery.