Shipping Policy

Shipping costs are calculated based on the number of bodies in your shipment and the express options you choose for delivery timeline.  The standard shipping cost is $25 per single body.  So if you order a wedding couple, the shipping cost is $25x2 = $50.  Similarly if you order additional copies of your 3DClone, the cost is ($25) x (# of units ordered).  If you select to have your order rushed, the pricing is adjusted according to the shipping schedule which you will see on the order screen.


Customer orders will be delivered to the shipping address entered at the time the order was placed to countries that are offered on our website. If a country is not mentioned on our website the customer may contact the seller to determine if an exception can be made to ship to that country.


3Dclones is not liable for shipping errors made due to incorrect information entered on our website at the time the order was placed. Any incremental costs in shipping due to such error will be charged to the customer.


Orders are shipped and released from our factory in mint condition. Should there by any damage upon receipt, it is the responsibility of the customer to settle the dispute with their local carrier. If the customer wishes a replacement of their order due to shipment damage, a photo of the damaged product + packaging must be provided to the seller within 72 hours (3 days) from the time the package was delivered. Any issues must be reported in writing at the time of receipt of the order.


If the order is undeliverable, it will be kept on hand for 7 days at the carriers warehouse. It is the responsibility of the customer to track their package and reschedule delivery or arrange the pick up from their local depot. After this time the order will be destroyed. 3DClones does not agree to costs associated with returned shipments to our factory. For this reason your non-deliverable order will be destroyed with no recourse to rectify and will not be refunded.


All delivery times indicated on our website are based on AVERAGES. This means we will make our best effort to complete your order within the communicated time. HOWEVER as our product is not ‘off the shelf’ and requires elaborate customization, 3DClones is NOT responsible for delayed shipment. Often delivery timing is influenced by the rate at which the customer approves their proofs. Please note that every amendment request will delay the expected delivery date by at least 1 additional week.

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