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High Quality and Authentic

3dClone produces high quality authentic customized bobbleheads. We are the pioneers in the industry where we support over 1100 resellers.

Handmade to Perfection

Artisans at 3dClone meticulously sculpt every bobblehead by hand paying close attention to every detail. Each piece is a work of art.

You are the Celebrity

You will be the celebrity with your very own custom bobblehead. Your 3D Caricature will always put a smile on your face :)

The perfect gift for a friend, family or colleague.


The best customer support, it comes totally free.

Our quick-response customer support helps get your questions answered fast. We truly care about our customers and the products we create. Our users love 3dClone, and you will too with our incredible support.

We are trusted.

We have worked with celebrities and the some of the most respected companies in the world. Recognized brands have trust in our work. We truly care about our customers and their needs, and this is why we are choosen. Please take a look at some projects below.

The Royal Wedding
President Obama
Microsoft Team
Don Cherry

Bounce your head with style and let others appreciate it.

Did you know you can have a custom bobblehead done with your own outfit, pose, and/or accessories? The possibilities are endless! Let your mini self bounce with pride on your desk, fireplace, car... anywhere you want!

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The artisans at 3dClone craft elegant, high quality bobbleheads by hand for your enjoyment.

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